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$49 Water Heater Flush & Comprehensive Plumbing Inspection...

Why Do You Need A Water Heater Flush?

Water heaters should be drained and flushed regularly to remove sediment and increase energy efficiency. Clear the crud and investigate plumbing issues, with this valuable offer!

5 Reasons To Flush Your  Water Heater Regularly

Here's what you will gain with proper maintenance of your water heater:

  1. Improves heating speed
  2. Reduces operational costs
  3. Reduces noises
  4. Extends equipment life
  5. Ensures warranty protection

Water Heater manufacturers recommend flushing your water heater regularly to keep it working at optimum performance.

What's Inspected During The Plumbing Inspection?

A comprehensive inspection can ensure that your plumbing system is working like it is supposed to. Some of the things we inspect/check include:

  • Check water pressure
  • Check that all faucets are operating properly
  • Dye-test all toilets
  • Inspect & tag all emergency shut-off valves
  • Inspecting all exterior water pipes and hose bibs
  • Inspecting all visible gas lines for potential damage; electronically testing for leaks
  • And Much More!

$49 Water Heater Flush & Comprehensive Plumbing Inspection

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